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Password Recovery reviews

Password Recovery becomes more and more popular. Take a look what other users and software websites say about our handy program:

... Passwords protect your most vital and sensitive data but what protects your password? You are at a risk of losing access to your data forever. To avoid this, you can get this program which can recover any password from the latest installations of Windows. Passwords related to some popular file formats, files or applications can be retrieved. The interface of the program is very user-friendly and highly flexible ...

... As the number of applications we use daily grows at a somewhat frightening rate, the problem of storing passwords comes to the foreground. If you lost a password to an online service, can't access your email accounts in Outlook and Outlook Express or having problems logging into a remote FTP directory, you need a fast and reliable password recovery tool that will instantly reveal you lost passwords. If that's the case, make sure you check out ABF Password Recovery, as it's the easiest way of revealing the passwords that you considered completely lost! ...