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Outlook Express Password

There was a time not so long ago that the simple dictionary-worded password could get anyone by. But an Outlook Express password shouldn't be taken so lighthearted in these times of faltering security. So how do the bad guys get your Outlook Express password with hardly lifting a finger - and what can you do about it?

Ways to Break an Outlook Express Password

The easiest way to compromise an Outlook Express password is to simply guess the most used passwords. These are commonly "qwerty," "123," "password," "admin," or usually a favorite sports team or first name. This method is much less likely to obtain an Outlook Express password than other methods, and since these passwords are usually personal, the attacker is more than likely someone you know.

One of the most efficient means of cracking an Outlook Express password is via brute force cracking. This type of cracking measure will try possibly thousands of password combinations per second - in the hopes that one of these combinations is indeed your Outlook Express password. These combinations are created through dictionary words and numbers - so as you can see, passwords aren't as secure as they used to be.

Even the lengthiest Outlook Express password recovery can be performed with the creation of scripts and programs that do the dirty work in seconds. Often times, these are legit programs that are instead used maliciously. Password Recovery is indeed a legit program used by those of us who can't remember an Outlook Express password to save their life. It's very nice to have around - we custom coded it to remove frustration out of the lives of computer users who have enough to worry about as it is. But as we stated - it should only be used for legit uses.

Tips for Outlook Express Password Creation

If you have to create an Outlook Express password, it should be lengthy (around 8 characters), include numbers and letters, and observe both uppercase and lowercase characters. This way, brute force techniques will be much less likely to obtain an Outlook Express password.

As far as malicious use Password Recovery goes, administrators can block new programs from installing or running - so there are no security risks with our program. With the right security measures in place, an Outlook Express password will only be obtainable by you - even with the help of advanced tools like Password Recovery.

After all, our email is a private matter - and should only be viewable to those who need access to it. To maintain your sense of privacy, be sure to follow the above tips. And of course if you ever find yourself forgetting a password - Password Recovery is here to help.