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Instant password recovery

Lost or forgot a password from webmail or a secure Web site?
Can't access email accounts in Outlook or Outlook Express?
Used Total Commander or FAR manager for so long that your FTP accounts are a distant memory?

Recover any and all of these passwords instantly with ABF Password Recovery!

ABF Password Recovery (hereinafter referred to as "Password Recovery") is a handy program to retrieve password for many common used programs. All passwords are recovered immediately. Current version of Password Recovery restores passwords for the following programs:

  • MS Internet Explorer - recover passwords for HTTP forms, protected items and FTP accounts.
  • MS Outlook Express - retrieve all Outlook Express passwords, including identities passwords and passwords protecting mail, news, and LDAP accounts.
  • MS Office Outlook - recover passwords for mail and LDAP accounts and PST files.
  • MS Office Access - recover passwords for MDB files.
  • Windows Dial-Up Connections - retrieve Windows dial-up passwords.
  • Total Commander and FAR manager - recover FTP account passwords.

Don't see your program in a list? Password Recovery can retrieve passwords from almost any Windows application that masks passwords with asterisks or dots. Password Recovery program comes with three useful extensions to help you recover those passwords:

  • Password Picker - collect asterisk or dot-masked passwords from any window. You can easily pick these asterisks and reveal the password behind them.
  • Hidden Passwords - browse hidden passwords for all running programs with password windows.
  • Personal Folders - recover passwords for Personal Folders.

Don't feel like a password hacker? A built-in password recovery tutorial will teach you how to break passwords in minutes!

One password recovery tool to crack them all! Download the free evaluation version of Password Recovery and point it to a password you know to see how easily and efficiently it recovers the password.

What else you should know

Password Recovery is distributed on try-before-buy basis. It means you can download and evaluate the program during trial period (15 days) absolutely free. Trial version will reveal first 3 chars of the recovered password. If the program works for you and you would like to keep it, you have to purchase a registration key. Trial version of Password Recovery becomes full-featured when you enter a registration key so there is no need to download the program twice.